Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So Good and Then So Very Very Bad.

At blogging that is.

I have no excuse.

I have been busy - but everyone is busy.

I have been happy and therefore have had less of a need for ranting and raving... and lets face face it, that makes up a significant portion of my posts!

I have been sewing - a lot.  Lots of orders coming in and lots of local recognition.  AND local markets are gearing up which means I need to spend my evenings sewing.  Poor me.

I found out today my grand baby is a girl. That is pretty exciting. Penelope is happy to finally have a girl in the family besides me and PITA (who turned 30 this week!!)

Last week (I think it was last week - who can tell with soccer and ball and dance and craft fairs and work and sewing and Library Board and Restorative Justice Board and CH going away I have been too busy to keep track of time!) I got accepted at Craft Connection in Nelson.

This week I had a message on Facebook from Surely and I bawled like a lunatic baby for like 45 mins.

On the weekend we are going to Kaslo so that I can vend in their May Days celebration, we are camping and I am excited.  It is supposed to rain but I am optimistic!

I have been spending a lot of time talking (well texting and messaging) my friend Krista who is starting up an online fabric store.  I am sure she will do much better than me - she is cautious and I am not!! (and should have been!) Plus of course, she has me and my enormous failure to draw experience from!  And I suppose my talent too...

Speaking of talent.  My kids have inflated my ego to the point where I actually believe that I should audition for The Voice and I have begun singing at work and not caring if they hear me not.  Hahaha Poor them.

Work is great.  I like working with men, especially when they are funny and they care.  I feel like we are a little family.  I am going to have to think of some blog nicknames for the two of them.

Okay, so I really do need to sew.  I have lots of bags that are almost done and I want to bring them with me to Kaslo.  I will try (Nag!) my best to get back to being regular.  I thought an iPad would make it easier but I cannot type fast on it and it makes it less fun.  I will try harder.

Back soon!  :o)  Tina


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