Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I Have Been Up To...

First of all, I gotta tell you I am still pretty pooped.

This last couple of weeks has been chaotic for me.  Both of my kids have been sick with strep throat (which I luckily did not get even though it is the one thing I am prone to) - Penelope was home all last week and The Little Man all this week.  CH has been having a really hard time with a migraine pretty much non-stop since we went to Calgary for Thanksgiving. The shop has been packed up (we are almost done!) and brought home - which in itself is a huge job that I have ahead of me, but one I am looking forward to. I worked in Castlegar and at Brost Auto last week, but this week I skipped Castlegar.  I value my sanity more than a pay cheque.

Anyway, I have, in all of that, still found some time to sew.

Brost Auto Worx Machine Embroidery

I did some machine embroidery for work. Me, who cannot chew gum and do anything else at all.  Machine embroidery and sewing with my other sewing machine making little zipper pouches at the same time.  Two sewing machines going at once.  Life is fabulous!

I made this one a while ago but I am surrounded by too much stuff to take good photos of the ones I made this week.  They are in what I think of as "adult" fabrics - black and whites, leopard print, and a red swirl.

On the weekend I finished up two bucket bags from a pattern I bought here.

Bucket Bag

I am not posting the picture of the other one because it is terrible!  The picture - not the bag.  It is pink with a blue floral pocket and I am considering keeping it for myself.  As with every pattern I purchase, I purchased it for the templates only and made it my way.  What I learned - and I think it will apply to all the bags I make from now on - fusible fleece on the outside makes for a better structured bag. :o)

K.  My goal for next week is to get some stuff onto my Etsy store - which is in a sad state of affairs.  Nag has been keeping up the shops Etsy store, thank God for that.

Gonna go and do some sewing.

:o) Tina


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