Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hello Old Friend

I don't like to make excuses and tell you the same old thing over and over again but sometimes they are true.

Since the beginning of Spring Break I have been SO busy!

I thought when school started again I would get a little less busy - and maybe I have but now I am exhausted. Man do I hate mornings! And even more, I hate giving up the night so that I can get up easily in the morning. Which leads to my being a zombie by 10pm, early in Tinaland.

I have been busy - and really happy. Things have been going well. Smoothly. Knock on wood.

I got turned down by Circle Craft. Did I tell you about Circle Craft? The most amazing store in the province to sell handmade things. They felt the little owls 'not in keeping with the store's image' and my bags looked to be fitting but 'we already have a surplus of bags in the shop'.

I am disappointed but not discouraged. I know I'm good. (Toot toot - that one is for you PITA!)

In other news, The Mouth and The Boss seem to be doing well but hate us. Or, what else is new, me. Poor CH is hated by association. I am sad about it. I hope they grow up BEFORE the baby or at the very least soon after. They are going to need help. I don't want to talk about it.

The Little Man is playing baseball this year. I am pretty darn excited about that! To date he has not been much of a sports guy and now it's ball, soccer, and skiing. I'm proud and excited. Love him so much.

I have been watching Glee or Supernatural when I am sewing. One funny and light hearted and one I cannot watch without CH around cause it is too creepy!! USA Netflicks is fabulous!

Over Spring Break Penelope's bestie slept over for like 10 nights and then came for the weekend this weekend too. We love having her - well The Little Man doesn't love having two sisters. ;p

I have seen sewing like crazy. I will get some photos at the craft fair I am attending this coming weekend if I have a chance - it's going to be a gong show. CH will be in Vancouver for the doctor and Penelope has Dance Fest - which means I have to be in two places at once. It should be interesting...

That's all for now. I will try to or back soon,

:) Tina


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